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5.0 star rating 1/27/2011 I freaking LOVE Daisy's. When we first moved to Park Slope, we were up at 2am on a Saturday night, starving, after spending all day and night moving my stuff from my old apartment. Lo' and behold, we find the glorious Daisy's. My fiancé almost always orders the corned beef and hash with eggs and is in love with it. I usually get the grilled cheese and this sandwich is everything you could desire from a grilled cheese sandwich. Crispy bread, melty cheese, throw in some bacon and you got the perfect pick-me-up after a night of drinking and socializing in Park Slope. The wait staff is awesome too. We've been to the diner during different shifts and everyone has been quick and attentive to get our orders in and back to us.
Rachel O. Brooklyn, NY
5.0 star rating 2/6/2011 My girlfriend and I came back from DC and found ourselves stuck in the Great Christmas Blizzard of 2010. We made it all the way up to one of the few stations still open in Park Slope, but faced a daunting 4 block trek to our apartment in waist-deep snowdrifts and winds that felt like glass shards against our faces. We made it exactly one block before becoming exhausted and fearing death. I asked a passerby where there might be something open at this hour. Why, Daisy's Diner, of course! We stumbled in at 2am, 11 hours into our 16h saga, and were greeted by Donna, the awesome overnight waitress who gave us a spot to dry off and warm up, brought us the BEST chicken soup EVAR, and kept the life-sustaining coffee refills coming. A few hours later, we finally made it the final three blocks home and promptly dropped off to sleep. But not before saying a prayer for Daisy's, which truly saved our life!
Nikhil B. Brooklyn, NY
5.0 star rating 12/12/2011 "DAISY'S!", is pretty much the way we said the name of this place in my household; at the top of our lungs, very drunk and very excited at the prospect of chocolate chip pancakes and spinach omelette goodness. Actually, I think we desired peach pancakes...but what the hell? If you want some no frills, good breakfast in the wee hours of the morning, order some Daisy's. In fact, DAISY'S is everything you could want in your friendly neighborhood diner. Open always, quick accurate delivery, and good 'ol surly diner service. I mean, they take cards and talk to you like you're missing a chromosome on the telephone & in person, so what's not to love? Dear Daisy's, the homefries always soak up all that Jameson and the delivery is so fast my vanilla ice cream hasn't even melted, yet. Happiness, a la mode.
Alyse V. Brooklyn, NY
A most excellent Cobb salad delivered to me in approximately 20 minutes! Let's face it, Cobb salads take...like...45 minutes to make. It's a salad! I'll have someone else do that, thankyouverymuch. Daisy's to the rescue! Literally 20 minutes and a huge, fresh salad arrived to my door with baby corn, bacon, cheese, avocado, carrots, romaine a heaping portion of grilled chicken and dressing. AMEN! Packed well with little waste. Friendly delivery guy. Open 24 hours, and deliver 24 hours!? HOLY HELL, just found my "I need a salad delivered quick" place. Also, they deliver breakfast. Can you say "hangover heaven?" I can.
Colleen C. München, Bayern Germany
0 friends 5.0 star rating 2/23/2012 Love the food. I order my lunch while I am work. Fast Delivery!
Nicole S. Brooklyn, NY
Boy, do I love Daisy's! Daisy's is one of my favorite places because I've never had a bad meal here, and I've had plenty of meals! Late night snack of choice: Waffles with ice cream Lunch: Turkey club, beef with barley soup Brunch: Huge, killer omelettes, cooked JUST right! Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value
Traci ‎ - Aug 30, 2011
I can't tell you what Daisy' s is like during the day. I also can't tell you what Daisy's is like when sober. What I can tell you is that this 24 hour diner has a staff that is patient when you walk in feeling a little wobbly, and their food has always hit the spot. It reminds me of an old school diner in New England rather than NYC, but that may just be the hours that I visit. If it's late and you need a fourth meal, I recommend Daisy's. They deliver too! Liked: Food, Service, Atmosphere, Value
Rob Blatt ‎ - Jun 24, 2011
Daisey's Diner is the quintessential definition of what a neighborhood diner should be. It has an enormous menu, ranging from country breakfast to nice Italian entrees, and they customize orders like no one else. My friend always orders the fried chicken sandwich. It's not on the menu, but it IS one of the photos on the menu. The first time he asked about it the waitress said, "Oh, the photos aren't real." She paused when she saw his downtrodden face and immediately followed up with, "But we'll make it if that's what you want, no problem." Want to add random cheeses to your tuna platter? Done. Want your stuffed avocado on a bed of Greek salad, a side of grilled eggplant, and a bowl of cottage cheese? Sure thing. I have never once ordered something that I wasn't completely satisfied with. The best part? Open 24 hours. And the fastest delivery. No matter how complicated your order might be, delivery time is fifteen minutes tops. Whatever craving you might have post-Saturday night binge drinking, or for Sunday morning hangover brunch, or dinner on a weekday, they have it or will make it, all with amazing attitude, service, quality, and taste. The restaurant itself is adorable. Intimate, plush booths, stools at the bar, and tables and chairs for larger groups are available in a long, rectangular space. They've got quaint decorations on the walls that look like tastefully handmade junkyard art. Walking in is like walking into an artist or sculpture's home. The lights are soft and comforting. The booths are so easy to sink into. The staff is always friendly, welcoming, and joking with you. The ladies' room has a sign over the toilet telling you not to flush down paper towels, and it ends with one hilarious phrase: "Tank you." What more could you ask for?
wei g. Brooklyn, NY 5.0 star rating 4/21/2011
I think this is the best diner in the slope and they deliver! Nothing better than getting huge breakfasts for your out of town guests as they awake with hangovers. Also - I just had a grilled ham and cheese and a very good chicken/rice soup. I love it.
Topper B.
I came here becasue i was craving a milkshake like nobodies business! And oh boy did i get one, sexy huge Creamsicle Milkshake! It was amazing and filling. I can't speak for the food, but the drinks and the decor i reason enough to go back. Open 24 hours, near tons of shopping, and other places to eat. Also mucho parking. You are nothing til try one of these shakes! NOTHING!!
Kimberly F.
Awwwww yeah. So, it's a diner. I don't exactly go out to dinner at diners, so I'm basing this solely on a late weekend breakfast: YUM. Awesome bacon, awesome french toast, and my companion enjoyed his sausage and pancakes. And they serve a fine cuppa coffee -- and HOT. No complaints. The decor is delightfully eclectic, the waitresses surly and bearded. Just the way I like it.
caitlin o.
I'm originally from Jersey, and this place gets 5 stars. Open 24 hours ... Feels like home ... Get the banana walnut pancakes. You'll thank me. ;)
Alison F.
My friend in Clinton Hill and I in Greenpoint were craving diner food and wanted to find something between both of us, so we randomly selected Daisy's. I'm very glad we did. The booth was cozy, the staff was attentive (at times almost too attentive), and the food was just perfect. I took a risk and ordered disco fries (with gravy and cheese), and they were actually the best disco fries I have ever had in my entire diner experience. Who knew. Delicious and unexpected.
Daisy's always delivers and, as long as you're not expecting a gourmet five course meal, you won't ever be disappointed. Standard diner food but better quality than any diner in the area (including both Puritys) and a much better buy. Service is as good as you can find anywhere, both to stay and to go. I've been ordering latenight delivery for years now. Just don't forget to tip these hardworking folks generously because an affordable place like this is the exception in this area.

Brooklyn, NY
It might sound weird that a diner could have great delivery, but Daisy's is excellent. Yes it is diner food but the quality is way better - I'd almost compare it to if you cooked it yourself at home - doesn't taste gross frozen or processed. They seem to care about the food they are serving you. Definitely recommend it.

Brooklyn, NY